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-Material Requirements & Installation Guide-

The VERSA-LIFTER makes it easier to lift and place units, especially on the base course. The two prongs on the lifter are placed into the holes in the VERSA-LOK unit. The action of lifting the handle secures the lifter to the unit and makes for easy, balanced lifting and placement. VERSA-LIFTERS are available from your local supplier.

VERSA-LOK Fabric is ideal for soil reinforcement of shorter walls. This geotextile is both cost-effective and easy to install. It is available in convenient, ready-to-use roll sizes.

Building a wall taller than four feet or with special requirements? You're going to need VERSA-Grid. It aids soil reinforcement and helps wall stability. Its high tenacity, multifilament polyester yarns are resistant to natural chemicals, alkalis and acids so once you put it down, it won't degrade. And installing VERSA-Grid is easy, too. Just unroll flat and make sure the VERSA-Grid is perpendicular to the wall face.


Non-corrosive, nylon/fiberglass VERSA-TUFF Pins provide consistent alignment in standard VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems.

VERSA-TUFF Snap-off Pins are used for Accent, Cobble and Mosaic Retaining Wall Systems.


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Versa Lok, retaining walls, and paver sizes and information: (Option Supply prices may vary from manufacture)